About Us

Being first-time parents to our daughter Leticia, we experience how valuable it is for our child to have access to toys that are developmentally appropriate for her, that promote safe independent play, and are of quality that are made to last.

With these in mind, our goal in opening this shop is to provide excellent quality toys that are (relatively) affordable and that promotes independent play and caters the developing minds, gross and fine motor skills of your children.

We are strong believers of the Montessori approach. Although, we try to implement as much Montessori concepts in raising our daughter, we are also believers of creative and open-ended plays. So our collection consists of both Montessori aligned/inspired toys and open-ended toys.

We appreciate you visiting our shop. I hope you find what you need here. We appreciate any feedback, this will improve our service that we can provide you. So feel free to drop any message or reviews.

Thank you,
Leticia's Parents :)
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